The Life of an inkjet cartridge is determined by the printer. When the printer calculates that the cartridge is empty, it informs the chip on the cartridge it is empty. That is that!
Jet Tec extra life uses ‘smart’ chip technology. When enabled, the chips' patented program activates the extra life which is displayed in the status monitor.

Jet Tec’s patented extralife system has been independently verified and is the only extralife system in the world.

Some other ink cartridge resellers claim that they have tested and proven that their cartridges can print up to 30% more. This is a con. Unless the chip is reset, the cartridge will not print any more pages than the Epson Original.

Jet Tec extra life cartridges have been independently tested by the LGA (one of Germanys top testing houses). They have verified the fact that Jet Tec’s cartridges are able to print 30 or 100% more pages than the original cartridge and awarded us certification to prove it.
In 2005 Jet Tec were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation for their ‘Extralife’ technology.