A new environmentally aware blister design takes shape
Jet Tec has taken the decision to improve its packaging, production techniques and production materials to ensure that a minimum of 50% reprocessed or recycled materials are used. All components that cannot be produced from recycled material will be fully recyclable.

New improved blister pack - reduced in size to decrease waste
Jet Tec are fully committed to reducing landfill with an overall objective of 0% landfill. The new blister pack, which has been significantly reduced in size when compared to previous packaging will replace the current carton packaging.

Made from recyclable materials
Not only is the blisterpack now made from recyclable materials, the cartridges, if possible are also made from recycled materials.

Environmental benefits of Extralife cartridges
Extralife simply means that the cartridges will last longer so they do not need to be thrown away as often, reducing the effects on landfill, where certain cartridges benefit from 100% Extralife the affects on landfill are reduced twice over!

International Standard EN ISO 14001:2004
The awarded certification further outlines our environmental achievements and awareness of issues that need to be considered when manufacturing Jet Tec products.

Partnership with The Recycling Factory (TRF)
Through our partnership with TRF we are able to reuse many cartridges which may otherwise end up in landfill, be sure to check our range of Hewlett Packard, Dell and Lexmark remanufactured cartridges! We also supply freepost envelopes, free of charge. These are available on request and with many of our products, for returning recyclable cartridges.