Refill KITS

For use with the following printers... Canon®, Epson®, HP®, Lexmark®, Brother®, Xerox®, Olivetti®, Compaq®, Dell®...

• Our refill kits are simple and easy to use.
• Save your money by refilling your empty cartridges
• All kits come complete with instructions

Some Canon, HP and Epson cartridges have a computer chip on the tank. These chips may need resetting using a chip resetter to restore all the normal printing functions.

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All kits come complete with instructions which can also be found online at

Refill Tanks

These are purpose built tanks designed to be easily refilled time and time again. You can refill the original cartridges but these are easier still and made for refilling. Many models also come with AUTO RESET chips built in, meaning you do not need to use a chip resetter. We think these are better than Continuous ink systems. Cheaper, No tricky instal, instals the same as a normal cartridge and less to go wrong. Each cartridge is independant of the others. If one cartridge needs changing on A CISS the whole system / all cartridges go down.

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